Welcome Home

We're not just saving you a seat, we’re saving you a place in our Story.

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You Can Belong Here.

We are a community of people like you. We gather at the cross of Jesus because we each feel our need for the forgiveness and grace found there. Whether you feel close to God or far, far away, if you're looking towards Jesus at all, you're looking in the same direction we are.

You Can Be Loved Here.

The name King's Cross reminds us how Jesus--the King of Heaven--forsook a crown of gold only to be given a crown of thorns, executed on a Roman cross so that we might be forgiven. As we grow in believing that Jesus's death for us truly paid for all our sins, we will also grow in wanting to no longer live for ourselves, but as we were truly made to live.


You Can Believe Here.

One man met Jesus and said, "I believe; help my unbelief!" Our hearts echo that man's cry. We all struggle with believing God as we should, and need to be reminded continually of God's goodness and grace. If you struggle, if you have doubts, you're welcome at King's Cross. The grace of the King changes everything, both leading us to faith and fueling our growth in faith. Each of us growing as disciples ourselves, our mission is to make disciples who make disciples. 

In Loudoun, For Loudoun.

As Jesus proclaimed that the Kingdom of God was near, calling people to repentance, he also began healing the sick and caring for those in need. We desire to live out our calling to make a difference in our community and the world. We know that doing good cannot make God love us any more, but God's perfect love for us in Christ frees and motivates us to want to honor him.



You can write our staff a note to ask questions, take a look at our social media platforms, or even give us a call. We would love to hear from you.