Collateral Beauty (Part 5 of 10) - The J-Curve of The Gospel (Part I)

Sermon Title: Collateral Beauty - The J-Curve of The Gospel

Scripture Reference: 2 Corinthians 4:1–7 ESV

The King's Cross A\V Team would like to formally apologize for the missing recording of the May 5, 2018 sermon "Collateral Beauty (Part 5 of 6) - The J-Curve of The Gospel." Our team made the mistake of forgetting to record the audio to our flash drive. We were in the process of training some new volunteers, and got lost in excitement of having a few new teammates on board (pun very much intended). We reviewed our standard procedure with one another and we will try not to get too excited the next time a new volunteer is working with us. Thank you for your grace and patience as we continue to prepare new volunteers in the future!