God Behind The Scenes (Part 2 of 6) - Injustice

Sermon Title: God Behind The Scenes (Part 2 of 6) - Injustice

Scripture Reference: Esther 2:19 - 3:6 & 3:13-3:15 ESV

"What does the Bible say about how we should respond to injustice? What are we to believe about God when injustice happens in our lives? In the lives of those around us? It’s in these times that we need to know even more that God is at work behind the scenes in our lives - for our sake and our neighbors!"

The King's Cross A\V Team would like to formally apologize for the missing recording of the January 14, 2018 sermon "God Behind The Scenes (Part 2 of 7) - Injustice." Our team made the mistake of not "stopping" the recording before ejecting the flash drive, resulting in a non-existent file. It was a minor miscommunication regarding the processes of our new soundboard and we communicated the appropriate method to our entire A\V Team for future reference. Thank you for your grace and patience as we continue to train and learn with our new sound equipment.