Better Together (Part 7 of 8) - Gospel Marriages In A Lonely Age

Sermon Title: Better Together (Part 7 of 8) - Gospel Marriages In A Lonely Age

Scripture Reference: Ephesians 5:15-33 ESV

Editors note: The sermon recordings for parts 1-3 of this series have audio buffering issues that cut three-to-four-second portions out of the recording at random intervals, making the speech hard to recognize/follow. In “Better Together (Part 4 of 8) - Befriending The Vulnerable,” our AV team began to fix the error by using a personal microphone that sacrificed audio quality while they tinkered with the soundboard to diagnose the issue. After a great deal of hard work, the team discovered the blunder (a faulty flash drive, which was corrupting the audio delivered from the soundboard) and quickly brought in a new flash drive to prevent further corruption. The result was the effective and normal audio recording of parts 5-8 in this sermon series. 

The ‘choppy’ audio issue was also a problem that we had in a sermon series before, and we truly apologize for the missing and poorly recorded audio due to our mistakes. We appreciate your patience as our AV team “learns the ropes,” and we now more regularly check our recording equipment for faults.